Christmas and New Year’s celebration in Røros

Christmas and New Year’s celebration in Røros

We can’t imagine a better place than Bergstadens Hotel for a cozy Christmas and New Year’s celebration in Røros.


This year, you can come and experience a festive Christmas at Bergstadens Hotel and Røros. With the hotel’s location right in the center of Røros, a visit here will be unforgettable. Imagine white snow, Christmas decorations, and lights between the houses in Norway’s most spectacular Christmas street!


Bergstadens Hotel offers top-quality food and drinks, cozy rooms, and Christmas atmosphere. Røros offers activities for the whole family, ranging from dog sledding and sleigh rides through Røros’ snow-covered streets to kicksled rentals where you can glide around the colorful wooden houses in Røros’ mining town.

At our place, you’ll experience a traditional Norwegian Christmas with the Butler and Cinderella on the big screen in the lobby, a fire in the fireplace, and serving of mulled wine. With a Christmas workshop for the children and a visit from Santa, all the wonderful Christmas traditions are upheld. A Christmas celebration at Bergstadens Hotel is suitable for the whole family and for those who want to celebrate Christmas with others. See our whole Christmas program here 

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