Historical Røros

Historical Røros

Røros is a cultural monument you should use actively. With walking between attractions and events, you have time to feel the magic. Feel the cracked timber walls, dance sweaty in one’s backyard. Enjoy the food and the clear air. And listen to the mountain settlement. Is there anyone who whispers?

Mining Town Walk:
The walk provides a basic introduction as to how the old mining community has emerged. Here lies the preserved houses like pearls on a string. We also visit backyards showing the particular farm system in the city. Also aligned with a tour of Røros Church.
Duration Bergstad Hiking: Ca. 1 hour. Price NOK 125, – pp (minimum 18 pax)
Duration Bergstad Hiking m / visit to the church: Ca. 1.5 hours. Price NOK 180, -pp (minimum 18 pax)

Rørosmuseet Smelthytta:
In the old smelting Malmplassen in Røros you can learn more about the history of Røros and about Røros Copper Works. History comes alive through models of mines, smelting works and the technical devices that were in use. Exhibition “Ten tweak” refers 1800s stately clothing from Røros. Changing theme exhibitions throughout the year.
Duration: 20 min. Price NOK 90, – pp (minimum 18 pax)

Guided tour of the Olav Mine:
A tour of the Olav Mine is a journey through 333 years of mining history. The tour goes 500 meters into the mountain and 50 meters below ground level. In the mine there is high humidity and 5 degrees all year round, so bring warm clothes and good footwear.
Duration: 1 hour. Price NOK 105, – pp (minimum 18 pax)

Roros Kirke:
“Bergstadens Ziir” – better known as Røros Church, was built in copper plant’s heyday “for God’s glory and Bergstadens ornament.” The church, which was completed in 1784 bears the name rightly its majestic of wooden houses. The Directorate expects the church as one of Norway’s ten most important churches, so to experience Roros must experience Bergstadens Ziir.
Duration: 45. min. Price NOK 55, – pp (minimum 18 pax)