Wandering in Røros Art Gallery

Wandering in Røros Art Gallery

Wandering in Røros Art Gallery. Røros Art Agency represents artists showcasing a rich selection of graphics, paintings, and handicrafts.

With a stroll through the gallery, you’ll receive a general introduction to the artists represented by the gallery and become acquainted with the various expressions of the different artists.

Perfect for groups of up to 20 people. You’ll be welcomed with an aperitif and a good atmosphere filled with impressions!

Duration approximately 40 minutes. Price NOK 295 per person.

Local food Roros

Art Evening: End the day with a delicious dinner.

Food is also art, and our chefs do their utmost to create tasty menus based on local ingredients. Conclude your stroll through Røros Art Gallery with a fine 3-course meal at Smørkjelleren in Skanckebua. Smørkjelleren is a small and intimate venue, the very soul of the old and tradition-rich building in the heart of the town. The venue was historically used for storing dairy products, but with the addition of warmth, rustic interior, and a tailored menu, the former “refrigerator” has become one of our most popular event venues.

Price and menu available upon request.